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I've been using the ACHIEVE Wrist Wraps and Lifting Belt for the past 3 months and I can safely say that the quality of the products has impressed me, especially when comparing them to other products. I can see the longevity in this product, especially compared to others on the market which deteriorate very quickly.

Since using the ACHIEVE Wrist Wraps, I've noticed my lifts get stronger. They are excellent in giving me the stability and support needed to lift more weight for those extra gains!

Irfan, 10+ Years Bodybuilding & Mixed Martial Arts Practitioner

(Classic Lifting Grips) They worked a treat recovering from a tendon tear in my forearm, so helped me with my grip.

Johnny, Natural Bodybuilder

I recently purchased a bunch of the STACK45 lifting gear and each of the items have made a huge difference to me in the gym. The ACHIEVE Lifting Belt is really supportive and ensures solid form, while the ACHIEVE Wrist Wraps eased some wrist/forearm tension that I typically used to experience when curling and pushing.

I now regularly use the equipment and would highly recommend STACK45’s gear for regular gym people. I’ve purchased the same equipment from other mainstream businesses in the past and they are not on the same level as STACK45 when it comes to quality!

Shahbaz, Regular Gym-Goer & Fitness Enthusiast

STACK45 Classic Lifting Grips gave maximum grip and protection, great product for any serious lifters!

Nelson, Personal Trainer & Bodybuilder

What can I say? Best weight lifting gear out there, hands down!

I’ve been using the ACHIEVE Wrist Wraps and Lifting Belt now and have found both of those items to be of excellent quality. They’ve really helped me in the gym and I’ve managed to lift heavier than I used to before.

Ali, Stone Lifter & Strength Training Enthusiast


STACK45 Designing and Styling

All of our products are designed from scratch, with our own styling and specifications. They often undergo multiple iterations through our design process and are tested before heading to manufacturing.

Innovative Manufacturing

Once the design has been finalised, we work with our manufacturing partners to create a product that fits our vision. This often pushes the boundaries of a typical manufacturer so we can create the best product possible.

UK Based Warehouse

After a thorough two-stage quality check, following on from the manufacturing process, all of our stock is held in the UK ready to quickly dispatch to our customers.