Quality Assurance

STACK45 was founded on creating premium quality products, and we pride ourselves in the quality of our product range. We take a number of steps to ensure that our products always fit the required quality that we demand throughout the process:

  • All of our products are designed in-house, from initial concepts through to technical specifications.
  • Our products are initially created as test prototypes, which we and a select group of athletes test out. During this testing phase, we look at a range of criteria including design, comfort and durability.
  • We may iterate on the prototypes a number of times, but once we are happy we then manufacture a larger quantity ready for sale. During the manufacturing process, we manually check each batch of products for the same criteria as the prototypes.
  • Once the products have been created, we ship them to our warehouse, where we also do a quality check upon all incoming products - once again for the same criteria.

As you can see, we take quality extremely seriously as this is a key pillar upon which our business stands. We will continue working on maintaining this and even improving wherever we can.