The Story

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Shabbir. I enjoy training and being able to ACHIEVE my goals. Whether I'm training for strength for some part of the year, or when switching my training to bodybuilding to improve upon my physique.

What I Experienced

I found that most of my gear was generic equipment, often boring to look at and even worse, poor quality. I would often have to replace my gear every few months due to wear and tear. I didn't like it.

The holes in my first lifting belt wore out within a few months, meaning I couldn't secure it on properly. Not good.

My lifting straps effectively went out of shape due to the poor quality fabric. Not good.

And other gear just kept getting worn out way too quickly.

The Action I Took

One day I thought to myself, surely there are some great high quality lifting accessories and gear available, which also looks great? I searched online and didn't really find anything that I liked. Therefore, I took it upon myself to create a range of core products that I could use myself.

These products then grew into something that I wanted to share with others. The quality was great, they helped with my lifting goals, and I liked the custom design I had put into each product. I had to make more of these!

That's where STACK45 was born. The vision is simple - create great products that help people ACHIEVE their goals.