ACHIEVE Lifting Belt

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At A Glance

  • Tough 7mm thick cowhide leather belt
  • 6" width for extra lower back coverage
  • Extra internal padding for comfort
  • Hand stitched
  • Double prong buckle

What is a Weight Lifting Belt?

A weight lifting belt is used to aid in a variety of exercises, particularly compound movements which may put extra stress on the core and lower back. Good examples of these types of movements are squats and deadlifts, where a lot of pressure is exerted upon the core of the body.

A weight lifting belt wraps around the core tightly, providing extra support and stability. It also helps maintain good form and reduces the risk of injury, as well as enabling a weight lifter to potentially lift heavier weights in some exercises.

The ACHIEVE Lifting Belt

Introducing the ACHIEVE Lifting Belt, a specially crafted weight lifting belt which provides plenty of extra support to your core, but also maintaining a high level of comfort.

STACK45 have done this by firstly ensuring the belt has a wide 6" coverage on the lower back, which gives high support during difficult exercises and lifts. Secondly, extra padding has been added to the interior to provide comfort like no other belt does.

Handmade & stitched from leather and sporting a heavy duty double prong buckle, the ACHIEVE Lifting Belt is a solid piece of gear and built to last.

Best Suitable For

  • New Gym-Goers
  • Casual Bodybuilders
  • Professional Bodybuilders
  • Casual Powerlifters

Technical Information

  • Cowhide Leather
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Width at Lower Back: 6"
  • Double Prong Buckle
  • Medium Size: Fits 27 to 37 inches waist
  • Large Size: Fits 33 to 40 inches waist

Please factor in thickness of clothing. There is a tolerance of ~0.5 inch.

Please note: Bar & Weights not included