Occlusion Bands 2.0

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New & Improved v2.0

Longer length at 34.5 inches to allow for even easier leg training, streamlined design, improved quality and carry case included!

What are Occlusion Bands?

Occlusion bands restrict the flow of blood to your muscles by tightly wrapping around your arms or legs. This creates further tension in the muscle and breaks down more muscle fibres during sets. With proper recovery, this will aid in muscle growth.

How to Use

Slide the bands on and tighten them at the top of your arms or legs, using the clips to secure in place. Do not leave the occlusion bands tightened for extended periods of time and ensure that you are giving your muscle the appropriate amount of rest and recovery period. Can be used with almost any arm exercise such as your typical bicep curls or tricep extensions! Can also be used with leg exercise for your quads and hamstrings.

Best Suitable For

  • New Gym-Goers
  • Casual Bodybuilders
  • Professional Bodybuilders
  • Casual Powerlifters
  • Professional Powerlifters

Technical Information

  • Sold as a pair
  • One size fits all
  • Easy to use clip
  • Tough and durable materials
  • Elastic band to give comfort during use
  • Long length 34.5 inches suitable for both arms & legs