Waist Trainer Belt

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What is a Waist Trainer Belt?

A Waist Trainer Belt is a piece of neoprene that straps around your waist, raising the temperature of your core and hence maximising calorie burn, promoting weight loss.

As well as being a great tool for weight loss, it provides support to your back during workouts, aiding in posture and correct form. It also has the effect of reducing the risk of injuries such as pulled muscles, by keeping the core muscles warm.

How to Use

Place the Waist Trainer Belt around your waist like a belt and secure in place using the velcro strap - that's it!

It is the perfect accessory for burning fat when performing cardio exercises such as running, cycling, treadmill, HIIT workouts, etc.

Best Suitable For

  • Home Workouts
  • Cardio Workouts
  • All Gym-Goers

Technical Information

  • Fits waist sizes of 34-50 inches
  • Soft neoprene material
  • One piece
  • Carry case included